I believe, as a photographer, my main goal always is to ensure that we achieve engagement. Interaction with the person, who will be looking at the picture in the end.

The challenge always is to visualize what you want to show. That can range from underlining your great personality, proficiency and skills you offer.

The same thing applies to product photography - I believe engangement is key - always.


Videography is about telling inspiring stories. As storytellers we will work very closely, with you. It is all about bringing your idea across to those who you want to reach.

We listen, we guide, we create – while aesthetics, your personality and your values are key to us.

The goal will always be, to bring others with you onto your journey by telling your story.

Content Creation

There is a clear increase in demand for content on all levels. Content creators make your products come alive on your webpage and social media channels.

From Stop Motion to Cinemagraphs, Gifs and Video Clips, check out here to get an idea of what is possible for you to show to your clients.

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Meet Nicola

"I love people."
Photostudio Photographer Barcelona Portrait Retrato
Nicola Mesken