Video Production

I believe the mean of communication in form of videos are an additional form of expression to bring peoples ideas to life. Be it personal, commercial or entertaining. It’s always about people, stories and how they are told.

Find below some of my work that I realised in the past. Either by myself or with the support of collegues from Barcelona.


WINNER – 1st prize of NESPRSSO TALENT AWARD 2020 national – and nominated among best 15 international.

743 filmmakers from 47 countries participated in the Nespresso Talents 2020. We are beyond happy, to have been selected 1st Prize for the National Nespresso Talent Award and that we were invited to the Sebastian Film Festival. I hope you enjoy our video.

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Video in cooperation with friend and collegue Pau Camarasa,

Video for "Dully & DAX"

We produced wonderful image films in Germany for the creative team Dully&Dax, Their books have been adapted as plays and radio plays, won multiple awards, and sold in eighteen countries to date.
In 2019, they received the inaugural Cologne Fellowship for Children’s and Youth Literature.

In addition to children’s books, they design creative worlds for the media and gaming world.
Find out more about them there:

Video in cooperation with Pau Camarasa,

Video for "Interview meines Lebens - EIN JAHR"

I had filmed for “Interview meines Lebens” before. We had made her image film on her mission to interview your parents and grandparents, pass on life lessons from the elderly and thereby intensify the dialogue between generations.

The project is growing! How exciting. Your first year as a family, ILM will accompany you through this exciting times. Detailed interviews every month will be designed into a hand-manufactured book, which enhances a deeper understanding of what has changed and how new challenges are changing your life. I created the video for the webpage and campaign for this new category.

Video for "Marc Grañen"

We met Marc in the beginning of 2019.
He is founder of photokinetic, a system to plant grass on buses, so that while driving through the city, they produce oxigen.The video was filmed in Barcelona and Girona, where
Marc and his family are based.
Get to know Marc here:

Video in cooperation with

Video for "Interview meines Lebens"

We filmed for “Interview of my life”in Germany. Bettina, who initiated the project, has the mission to pass on life lessons from the elderly and thereby intensify the dialogue between generations.Detailed interviews with your (grand) parents will be designed into a hand-manifactured book, which enhances a deeper understanding of what your personal family history is. The film was made in Bettinas town of birth. Today she is living with her own family in Hamburg, Germany. Find out more about her beautiful project

Video in cooperation with

Video for "The Waterbrand"

Publicity campaing for “The Waterbrand” – Audrey Limbioul worked with us to create a Social Media Campaign for her water-based perfumes, here in Barcelona. Her perfumed journey started when she joined a high-end fragrance company and began frequently traveling to the Middle East. She was amazed by how perfumes were deeply rooted in their society; their approach to fragrances is very unique and pure and most of perfumes don’t contain alcohol. Back to Barcelona she started searching for quality scents that did not contain alcohol and that were also long-lasting, and surprisingly she couldn’t find any.
This led to the creating of a revolutionary idea in perfumery.
Find more info on Audreys project on

Video in cooperation with


Music Video – I always wanted to do a music video! Here was the opportunity. We had two days of crazy running around in Barcelona for Könich. Roaming the streets of Barcelona, what can I say – we had a blast!!!

Enjoy the video and the music!
More about the artist:

Video in cooperation with Pau Camarasa,

Video for "FAC"

Publicity campaing for “FAC” – The FAC Center is a center of natural techniques of reference in Barcelona where, since 1992, we work to restore your emotional, physical and mental well-being, and undertake a process of self-knowledge to reconnect with your essence.
We decided to show, how the human being connects with nature, and how natural techniques relate to that.
Find out more about the FAC here:

Video in cooperation with

Production Company

Two years ago I started a new production company – ONEVOICE.

In our team we portrait people and small businesses, that have strong values and an impact on the world – changemakers across the world, who need a voice and who have a story to tell. 


VIDEO ONEVOICE Logo small Nicola Mesken Photography Barcelona
Video Production ONE VOICE

You can see me and my friend and collegue Pau Camarasa at work here, loving what we do – filming!