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    Sharing the Essence of
    Your Life and Profession

    Embrace the Exclusivity:
    On-Location Photoshoots Wherever You

    Capturing portraits amidst the natural backdrop of outdoor settings or on location imparts a distinct charm that diverges significantly from the studio environment. Outdoors, every element takes on a harmonious interplay, amplifying the significance of your visage and expressions.

    Whether set in the open air or at a chosen location, often linked to your workspace, be it an office, workshop, or factory – this approach effectively contextualizes your portrait within your work environment.

    Bringing the essence of mobility, my on-location services encompass your office or the picturesque corners of Barcelona that align seamlessly with your vision.

    I invite you to connect with me, sharing your location to tailor recommendations for your unique needs. Together, let’s curate a portrait experience that encapsulates your essence against the backdrop of your professional world.

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    • Elena 2020 WEB 54 ca559886
    • Eva Sanchez 2020 WEB 10 7b8474b3
    • Tino Perez 2020 WEB 8 3e9698b7
    • Canvasmats Outdoor WEB 46 7ce964c7
    • Elena 2020 WEB 17 52a96d56
    • IMAGINE RETRATOS MAYO 2022 BAJA T1A6887 65ef6b9b
    • IMAGINE RETRATOS MAYO 2022 BAJA T1A7094 ac8d7695
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      Package – ON LOCATION

      This package will consist of

      – 2h session
      – several changes in outfit
      – 25 retouched pictures in high & low resolution
      – within Barcelona and surroundings


      prices without VAT

      What my clients say

      “Thank you so very much for all the work! The team is super happy with the photos. Before we know it we will need another shoot and will reach out straight away to you! We had a really great experience.”


      Head of Communication, Berlin

      Portrait Photography Studio in Barcelona. Your portrait for your business webpage, your LinkedIn Profil and Social Media Channels. We also do product photography, Image Film and Video Editing Service.

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      Visit Me

      Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 672,
      08010 Barcelona