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What you may like to know before your portrait session

Based on my experience, I understand that you might have questions before your portrait photoshoot. If you can’t find the answer here, don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly, and I’ll be sure to respond promptly.

How may outfits can I bring?

Your chosen photoshoot package determines whether you can bring 1 or 2 outfits. I usually advise bringing a few extra options to ensure we have choices and can adjust if needed. Consider bringing a range from business to casual attire for a diverse array of images.

When will I receive my pictures?

Expect to receive your photoshoot images within 24 hours via WeTransfer to your provided email address. You’ll receive files in both High and Low Resolutions, available for convenient download, of the results agreed on during the selection process.

How long will the session take?

The duration of the photo shooting session varies based on your chosen package, typically lasting about 45 to 60 minutes. We allocate an additional 30 minutes for the selection process. I prioritize a relaxed atmosphere during our work together to ensure an enjoyable experience for both of us. If time is of the essence, simply inform me, and I can expedite the process to accommodate your tight schedule. I’m experienced in fast-paced sessions and can guide you efficiently through the session.

What makeup should I wear?

For the photoshoot, I suggest wearing your regular work makeup, perhaps slightly enhanced to ensure you look your best. However, there’s no need to stress over this. Keep in mind that certain imperfections can be addressed during post-production.

How do I pay my pictures? Before or after?

Payment options include Biz, bank transfer, or cash, to be settled upon receipt of the invoice following the photoshoot.

Do I have to go to the hair dressser first?

While a visit to the hairdresser is not necessary, it’s important to ensure your hair looks tidy. Keep in mind that a “out of bed” style might not always be the ideal choice for a profile picture.

What backdrops will we be using?

During the studio session, we’ll work against both a white and a black/dark grey background, allowing us to create various styles. From a vibrant and contemporary feel to a timeless and sophisticated look, the options are diverse. Explore the studio portraits on my webpage for a clearer understanding of the possibilities.

Where can I reserve my shooting?

Secure your photoshoot by clicking the button below. If you need to cancel or postpone a session, you can do so free of charge with a 48-hour notice. Kindly send an email to to notify me.

What my clients think

“I had a great session with Nicola when I started my own business. She gave great advise on styling and posing.
I was always happy, when people would ask me for visual material, as I knew, I had great pictures .”

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