What you may like to know before your portrait session

From my experience I know, that before the portrait photoshoot, there might be some questions that you would like to clarify. If you dont find the answer here, feel free to contact me directly and I will get back to you.

How may outfits can I bring?

Depending on the photoshoot package that you bought, you can bring 1 or 2 outfits. Normally I recommend to bring a bit more, so we can actually have a look at it together and vary if necesarry. It should cover from business to casual, to create a wide variety of different images.

When will I receive my pictures?

The pictures from your photoshoot will be sent to you within 24h via wetransfer to your email. You will receive files in High and Low Resolution for you to download.

How long will the session take?

Depending on the package you chose, the photo shooting session itself last about 45/60 min and we will need another 30 minutes for the selection process. I like to work in a relaxed way with you so we both enjoy the process.
Should you however be in a rush, just let me know, it is no problem to “speed things up” as I am very used to back to back sessions and I can guide you through the session faster if you have a tight schedule and your timewindow is small.

What makeup should I wear?

I recommend to come with your normal work makeup to the photoshoot – maybe a bit more, since I presume you do want to look your best. 
But dont overthink this neither. Some imperfections will obviously be taken care of in post production.

How do I pay my pictures? Before or after?

You can pay by paypal, bank transfer or cash, after receiving your invoice after the photoshooting.

Do I have to go to the hair dressser first?

Your hair does have to look neat, which does not oblidge you to a visit to the hair dresser. But remember, out of bed style on a profile picture is not always the best choice.

What backdrops will we be using?

In the studio, we will be working over a white and a black/dark grey background, to achive different styles from fresh, modern and agil to classy, which never fails. Check out the studio portraits on my webpage and you will get the idea.

Where can I reserve my shooting?

You can reserve your photoshooting on the button below. Should you have to cancel a session, you can do so without charge, advising 48h in advance, sending an email to

What my clients think

"I had a great session with Nicola when I started my own business. She gave great advise on styling and posing.
I was always happy, when people would ask me for visual material, as I knew, I had great pictures ."
Frequently asked questions before your portrait
Madeleine Recknagel
Entrepreneur, Barcelona