You need to be seen - and you will!

Portraits in the studio

Portraits in the studio are a great way of showing who you are and how you want to underline your personality. It is very often the first impression that customers get from you, visiting your social media profiles or webpage. 

We will elaborate together which style is the best for your needs, looking at your field of work, your corporate colors of your web and a lot more.

Package - BASIC

The basic package will consist of

– 1h shooting
– 1 changes in outfit
– 2 different colors of background
– 3 professionally retouched pictures


prices without VAT

Package PLUS

This package will include

– 1,5 h shooting
– 2 changes in outfit
– 2 different colors of background
– 8 professionally retouched pictures


prices without VAT

Discover my photo studio in Barcelona

My portrait studio, Nicola Mesken Barcelona, resides within a vibrant coworking hub in the city center, one of Barcelona’s thriving districts, L´Eixample.

Immerse yourself in an environment that exudes youthful energy, agility, and modernity as we elevate your portrait to new heights.

I take immense pride in fostering connections through my studio, which has evolved into a nexus of creativity and collaboration over time. Aligned with the ethos of coworking spaces, I deeply appreciate the synergy and contemporary work methodologies they embody.

Nestled within the dynamic fabric of CREC COWORKING, my studio thrives alongside this community, reflecting the core values of creativity, entrepreneurial spirit, and hands-on dedication. With multiple locations and over 200 coworkers, CREC COWORKING stands as a trailblazer in fostering a collective of innovative minds.

As an integral member of this community from its inception, my photo studio embodies the essence of ingenuity, enterprise, and resolute determination.

What my clients say

"I had a great session with Nicola when I started my own business.
She gave great advise on styling and posing.
I was always happy, when people would ask me for visual material, as I knew, I had great pictures ."
Madeleine Recknagel, General Manager OKSION S.L., Barcelona, Spain
Madeleine Recknagel
Entrepreneur, Barcelona