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    Portraits- Redefining the Art of Anything But Boring.

    Experience the Efficiency of Mobile Studio Expertise Shooting

    Avoid the complexities of sending an entire company to a photo studio for their portraits, a process often deemed intricate and time-consuming. Instead, embrace the convenience and professionalism of my mobile studio solution.

    With my mobile studio, I bring the photography experience to your doorstep, alleviating the challenges of coordinating a studio visit. Together, we tailor a schedule that aligns with your needs, allowing us to efficiently capture up to 60 portraits a day.

    Benefit from the polished look your organization deserves. Our sessions ensure that your email signatures exude professionalism, while your team’s profiles on LinkedIn and other social platforms radiate a sense of refinement. To further amplify your brand, consider the option of incorporating your company logo into each portrait.

    Beyond the logistical ease, my extensive background in portrait photography guarantees a comfortable and enjoyable experience for everyone, regardless of their level of comfort in front of the camera. With my guidance, even those without prior experience will look and feel their best.

    These portraits contribute to a harmonious and cohesive aesthetic across various channels, including email communication, LinkedIn articles, employer branding, and social marketing initiatives. The images captured serve as the visual foundation for a unified corporate identity, allowing your brand’s essence to shine through consistently.

    Explore the possibilities with my mobile studio – a seamless path to obtaining the fresh and engaging portraits your company deserves. Contact me to arrange a session that aligns perfectly with your organization’s vision and goals.

    Up to 60 portraits/ day

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    What my clients say

    “Nicola is super pro and fun to work with, it was a delight to have her take photos of the Fleksy team. She over-delivered and I can’t recommend her enough!”

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    Portrait Photography Studio in Barcelona. Your portrait for your business webpage, your LinkedIn Profil and Social Media Channels. We also do product photography, Image Film and Video Editing Service.

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    08010 Barcelona